A Taste of the 2013 ESSENCE Festival Marketplace Vendors

Check out some of the vendors that caught our attention during the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans.

Monique Valeris Jul, 15, 2013

1 of 16 Kathy Anderson

Pretty Brown Girl showcased dolls designed to encourage young girls of color to embrace their beauty.

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Universal Love Jewelry has been in the business of making fine jewelry for more than 40 years.

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For unique jewelry designs, attendees had the chance to shop at Dr. Foots, which is based in New Orleans.

4 of 16 Kathy Anderson

From Mardi Gras Indians to jazz funerals, the Backstreet Cultural Museum holds an extensive collection dedicated to New Orleans' cultural traditions.

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Any lover of jazz would have been delighted to learn about how the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park has worked to preserve this genre of music since 1994.

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The American Heart Association spread the word about Americans' need to improve their cardiovascular health.

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Representatives of this Catholic, historically Black university were on-hand to share their approach to preparing students for successful careers.

8 of 16 Scott Threlkeld

Hats of all sizes and textures were available at Rosebud New York.

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Suzette Art Couture offered hats inspired by urban culture, theatrical haute couture and even the Harlem Renaissance.

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African-American art is major part of our history as a culture and ESSENCE Festival Marketplace will be your one stop shop for a diverse collection of breathtaking work from talented artists across the country.

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Everything from sterling silver to African gemstones were available at Timbuktu Art Colony.

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Whether you were in the market for original paintings, photography or sculptures, Stuart McClean Art Gallery had it all.

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Allohn Designs carried clothing in vivid prints along with hand-painted pillows and throws.

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If you're all about making a statement when it comes to fashion, Ndeye Fashion Designs was the booth to visit.

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Brown Baby Designs had the cutest gear for babies, toddlers and youth.

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There was no shortage of food vendors at the ESSENCE Festival. Festival-goers were able to enjoy Creole, Cajun and soul food options all weekend long.