Supporting Actors/Actress at the Golden Globes

Supporting Actors/Actress at the Golden Globes
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 21, 2010

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Way before Mo’Nique, there was Juanita Moore, the first African American woman to be nominated for a supporting actress Golden Globe in 1960. Her role as Annie Johnson, a homeless widow in the film “Imitation of Life” (1959/Universal International Pictures) was groundbreaking.

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Ossie Davis played the well-educated slave Joseph Lee in the country western comedy “The Scalphunters” (1968/Bristol Films). Davis’ over qualification for the role in the film garnered his 1969 Golden Globe nomination.

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Louis Gossett Jr.’s role as Sgt. Emil Foley in “A Officer and a Gentleman” (1982/Paramount Pictures) was hard core and realistic. Not only did Gosset win the Golden Globe but he went on to win the Oscar as well.

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Oprah Winfrey as Sofia has become one of the memorable characters in
Black film. Her struggle and her laughter in “The Color Purple” (1985/Warner Bros) rightfully earned her Golden Globe nomination in 1986.

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Christopher Reeves might have wanted it, but Morgan Freeman flaunted it and stole the show. His role as Fast Black in “Street Smart” (1987/ Cannon Group) earned him first of his four GG nominations.

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Denzel Washington had it in the bag when he shed that single emotionally filled tear in the historical drama “Glory” (1989/Tristar). In 1990, he won the night’s supporting actor award for his role as Private Trip.

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Thanks to “Pulp Fiction” (1994, Miramax) and Samuel Jackson everyone knows Ezekial 25:17, only Jules could quote Bible verses and kill at the same time. Jackson has currently received a total of three GG nominations in his career.

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Cuba Gooding Jr., who played big ego football player Rod Tidwell next to Tom Cruise, made that one line famous in his role in the film “Jerry McGuire” (1996, TriStar).

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Some may have been surprised when the virtually unknown Michael Clarke Duncan playing John Coffy in “Green Mile” (1999, Warner Bros) received his GG nod. Although he may have not took home the award, he held his own next to Tom Hanks.

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Queen Latifah put a hurtin’ on that tango tune in her role as Matron Mama Morton in the musical “Chicago” (2002, Miramax). She may not have won, but she paved the way for J.Hud years later.

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Jamie Foxx did a great job as Max, alongside Tom Cruise in the suspenseful crime thriller “Collateral” (2004, Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures). That night Foxx took home a Golden Globe for his leading role for Ray instead.

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Eddie Murphy cracked us up when his character Jimmy “Thunder” Early in “Dreamgirls” (2006, Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures). Proudly, Murphy has been Golden Globe nominee five times.

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As soon as you left the theater you knew Jennifer Hudson had to win it all for heavenly performance as Effie White in “Dreamgirls” (2006, Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures). Hudson won her GG, and later went on to win an Oscar.


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