Super Natural: MahoganyCurls on Sleeping With Wet Hair

Have you ever had to style your hair late at night and are forced to sleep with wet or damp hair? I have and every time I do this my hair is a disaster the next morning. Granted, this usually happens when I decide to style my hair in a wash n go because I cannot twist it. It get the same results time after time: Damp matted hair. I know everyone's hair is different but I would like to share a few lessons that I have learned from sleeping with wet hair.

MahoganyCurls Aug, 19, 2014

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Lesson number one: it will never dry. My hair dries overnight when it is damp but not when it is completely wet. I have noticed that it will remain the same if I decide to sleep on it and it isn't partially dry.

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My hair shrinks like crazy when I sleep on it wet. The combination of wet hair in the morning plus the extra shrinkage isn't a good look.

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Tangles is one of the biggest problems that I have when it comes to sleeping with wet hair. I have learned that it is best to take time out before bed to properly style my hair since rushing always leave me with less than stellar results. I have learned that doing the right the first time will save me time the next day and prevent unwanted hair frustrations.

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