Super Natural: MahoganyCurls on Protecting Her Curls From Chlorine

One of the things that I love most about summertime is the fact that I can go swimming. When I first started my natural hair journey, I was nervous about swimming in chlorinated water because I did not know how my natural hair would react to the chemicals in chlorine. The chlorine used in pool water can dehydrate our hair. So I decided to do some online research and came up with regimen that has worked for years. Here's what I discovered...

MahoganyCurls Jun, 18, 2014

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Normally applying too much oil to my hair will weigh it down. However, using oil before swimming is perfect for my curly hair. I like to dampen my hair prior to swimming with plain water to minimize breakage.

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After applying oil, I add a small amount of moisturizing conditioner to my damp hair for moisture. This allows my hair to absorb most of the water and conditioner that I have already applied to my hair.

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The next thing that I like to do is seal my hair with oil. I usually use extra virgin olive oil but any oil will work. The oil will seal in the moisture from the conditioner and the water, while creating a barrier against the chlorinated water.

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After swimming, I like to conditioner wash and deep condition my hair. I normally don’t not use shampoo on my hair after swimming because the combination of the chlorine and sulfates from the shampoo will increase the dehydration level of my hair. Deep conditioning my hair will soften my curls and moisturize my hair at the same time. Try it!


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# Natural