We all deal with single strand knots at some point during our natural hair journey. I noticed these teeny tiny knots in my hair a few months after my big chop. I remember it like yesterday: I was cowashing my hair and after rinsing the cowash out, I proceeded with my detangling session. As I was detangling my hair, I noticed that I my ends felt rough. I immediately had mistaken this for split ends and I decided to examine my hair after I had completed my cleaning process. Upon drying my hair, I noticed that I didn’t have split ends. Instead, I had really small knots. After researching this, I found out that they were known as fairy knots or single strand knots. Single strand knots occur when your hair curls onto itself. This forms a small knot on the strand, but thankfully there are ways to minimize them.

Jul, 31, 2014

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