Super Natural: MahoganyCurls On How to Retain Moisture in Dry Climates

Moisturizing my hair is one of the most important steps of my natural hair journey. Over the years I have learned that if my hair is not moisturized properly, I will not have the best results with my hairstyles. I have noticed that my hair will be dry and lack luster. I live in a very dry climate so I do not get to enjoy the moisture from humidity. Since I live in a dry climate, I have learned to take certain steps to ensure that my hair is properly moisturized in the summer.

MahoganyCurls Jun, 12, 2014

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The first thing that I have learned is cowashing or wetting my hair several times a week will ensure that my hair has adequate moisture. Mid week rinses with water in the shower allows my hair to absorb more moisture and it also reactivates the products in my hair from a previous styling session.

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Wash n go’s are usually my summer go-to style because it allows me to wet my hair more (which is great for moisture) and I don’t have to worry about styling it. Try it!

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To help maintain moisture while I sleep, I've learned that sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a must.

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