Super Natural: MahoganyCurls On Getting The Most Out of Your Summer Products

When it comes to summer hair, I’m very laid back. Who wants to spend an entire day figuring out how to style their hair? Not me! To help manage healthy hair in the summer months, I change how I use my winter products. Find out which ones you should (and shouldn't) get into!

MahoganyCurls Jun, 10, 2014

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I try to avoid using glycerin because it leaves a sticky residue on my hair and scalp. One summer I used a product that had a very high glycerin content and I my hair was a disaster. I styled my hair the night before using this particular product thinking that my hair would have dried the next morning. Boy was I wrong! My hair had the worst feeling ever—it was damp, sticky, and oily. Never again!

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I usually use hair gels; hair styling milks, lightweight leave in conditioners, or leave in detangling sprays. As a result, I am left with soft, lightweight, moisturized curls.

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I avoid using heavy butters in the summertime because the oils from the butters have a tendency to weigh my hair down. The heavier products also produce an oily residue that will not completely absorb in my hair. I like lighter products that will moisturize my hair without weighing it down.

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