Super Natural: Afrobella on Why H20 Is Essential For Your Hair and Skin

There are many moments when I can’t help but think to myself – I’m SO happy I have natural hair. One of those most common moments is when I’m out and rain starts falling. My sisters with relaxed hair or straight styles have to run, duck and cover to preserve their ‘do. We naturals can stroll comfortably and without fear in a light rain and know that it’s actually helping, not hurting our hair. Why? Because water is your BFF. Let me tell you a few tips and ways you should be using water for the health and beauty of your skin, hair and body!

Afrobella Jul, 28, 2014

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When it comes to product, less is often more. When our sometimes our first instinct is to apply more product to our hair to achieve a certain look, it can be better to spritz hair with water to re-activate the product that’s already in your hair first to bring your look back to life. 

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Water is the ultimate hair moisturizer, and when your hair is freshly washed, conditioned and detangled it’s a good practice to spray your hair with a water based moisturizer before adding heavier cream based styling products, to seal in all that moisture.

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Certain hairstyles help you to retain moisture even on dry hair, and may only need water to upkeep the style – think plaits, twists and pinned up-do’s in the summer. The inner core of your hair may retain some moisture when you do these styles on wet or damp hair, and a little spritz to the exterior will easily refresh the style. 

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My relaxed and straight-styled sisters, water is your friend too – just not when externally applied to the hair. Make sure you’re drinking enough to give your hair and body the internal moisture it needs. Use light, creamy hair products where water is the first ingredient to add and seal in that external moisture. 


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