Super Natural: Afrobella on The Importance of Essential Hair Oils

When my hair was relaxed, I used oil sheen sprays but my use of hair oil was different. I was looking to hair oils for shine, and that’s pretty much it. I was willing to use any blend of hair oils, especially any oils that had the buzzwords like “grow” or “magic” on them. I wasn’t yet educating myself on what my hair needed. Going natural led me to figure it out – my hair didn’t just like oils for shine, my hair was thirsty for specific kinds of oils, and it was up to me to figure out what each oil did. It took a lot of trial and error, but I’ve learned some vital lessons about hair oils. Allow me to pass that knowledge on to you. These are the top 5 oils you should have in your beauty arsenal.

Afrobella Jun, 09, 2014

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Argan oil became a buzzed about addition to natural hair products around 2011, and with good reason. This plant oil, made from kernels from the argan tree, offers penetrative moisture and Vitamin E. Beloved in Morocco, it’s become known for giving hair shine and softness.

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Olive oil is amongst the most versatile oils you’ll have in your beauty pantry. It can be used as an cleanser, makeup remover, it makes a great base for coarse salt or sugar based body scrubs. For hair it’s excellent for pre-shampoo treatments and in hot oil treatments.

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Thick and a little sticky, a little castor oil goes a long way. Jamaican black castor oil and Haitian black castor oil are amazing for the scalp, and regular massage is healthy for thick natural hair, to stimulate the scalp. Castor oil is known for encouraging hair growth and you many also (carefully) use it on eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Jojoba oil is one of the easiest oils to use on natural hair, because its so similar to sebum, the natural oil that your scalp produces. Jojoba oil is said to have antibacterial properties, so it’s great for the scalp.

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Coconut oil is my hair’s favorite – it’s been proven to decrease protein loss and to help prevent split ends, among other wonderful things. Use it as a pre-shampoo or post-shampoo styling product for shine and moisture.


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