Super Natural: Afrobella Explains Items Every Natural Needs In Her Arsenal

I tend to be a wash and go kind of girl, but there is much to be recognized and celebrated in having a collection of hair accessories. If you want proof of the versatility of natural hair, then just go on Instagram or YouTube, or read your favorite natural hair blogs to see the variety of styles that talented naturalistas are creating with just a few basic types of hair accessories. Now you’ll know what you need in your own hair accessory arsenal to enhance your creativity!

Afrobella Jul, 23, 2014

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There is something so perfect about natural hair and floral accessories – they both make a statement about beauty being instinctive and coming from within! A well placed flower of the right size will look classy and cute. You can make one, using a bobby pin, a fake flower and a hot glue gun. There also are a variety of hair flowers for sale online, from realistic-looking styles to embellished, stylized artist crafted floral visions made from wire and beads, cloth, or felt. Choose your statement and enhance your natural hair as you see fit!

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There was a time when headbands were stiff and uncomfortable, and yes those headbands still exist, but you can find super chic, stretchy and comfortable headbands now too! Look online (for example, on Etsy) for unique, statement making headbands that are comfortable.

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This accessory isn’t something you have to necessarily buy; you can make yourself at home with an old pair of tights and a pair of scissors. There’s so much you can do with a stretchy piece of tights—you can use it to safely and gently pull your hair back into a puff or a bun. You can also use it to lay your edges down at night.

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All hail the classic bobby pin, perfect for up-do’s, side swoops, whatever you may fancy! New bobby pins don’t pinch and pull as much as older kinds used to. You can find rubberized bobby pins that protect your hair from pulling, even if they’re snarled up in your tangles.

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These aren’t your hair elastics of yore—I’m talking about the modern day hair ties that stretch and twist and come in great colors. Cop them in the hair accessories aisle of your favorite drugstore or retail chain for comfortable afro puffs and ponytails.

Afrobella was the natural hair blogger at AOL’s Black Voices and a writer for Vogue Italia’s Vogue Black website. She has also presented keynotes at several major media expos and seminars.


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