Super Natural: Afrobella On The Defense of Hair Color

The debate on whether hair color makes you natural or not, is old and tired. There’s nothing wrong with switching up your look now and then, but make sure you're smart about it.

Afrobella Jun, 18, 2014

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Hair color has a drying effect, whether its chemical or through the use of henna. It's extra important to step up your deep conditioner and pre poo oil treatments when using hair color. Especially if you go blonde, blonde can make your hair look incredibly dry.

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I have used many, many box dyes through the years and I've experienced the drying and the damage they can give. A hairstylist can gauge your damage level and determine where color should be placed for maximum effect. When coloring your hair—leave it to the professionals.

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The debate on whether hair color makes you "natural" or not, is old and tired. We spend so much time judging and parsing and determining what we think other people's choices should be. I say, if it makes you happy and doesn't affect your health, then do what you wanna! Just be aware. Constant use of harsh hair color can alter your curl pattern, so be judicious in your use. 

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Hair color used to really be harsh but now many brands are aware of the need for essential oils and conditioners in the process. You can use a natural rinse from an organic grocery store and get decent results. Do your research and shop around for the right color for you!


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