Summer's Craziest Concert Costumes

Summer's Craziest Concert Costumes
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 03, 2011

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We’ll always remembered this multi-layered number. Now we know what Hill was hiding under the skirt-shirt-tunic-blazer-necklace-hat: a baby bump!

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Rihanna has had her share of head turning costumes but this one made us scratch our heads the most. Is it a panty? Is it a short? What kind of nautical look is this? But whether haute or hmm – she looked fierce!

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Leave it to Grace Jones to turn a classy blazer into a crazy concert costume. The dynamic diva elevated the simple piece by adding sheer tights, a body suit and a dramatic head piece.

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Talk about going for the gold! The lead singer for the “Noisettes” slips into a teensy gold body suit paired with a ruffled shirt dress and matching headpiece. Imaginative and fun.

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This cage-like costume highlights Nicki Minaj’s curves – while protecting them. Just call her the Barbed-wire Barbie!

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Ms. Jackson trotted out a bevy of beautiful costumes this summer but this leather number (complete with Louboutin high heeled boots) is what caught our attention – and held it.

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We’ll always remember this sexy Beyonce performance from the Billboard Music Awards thanks to that cage-costume! Our jaws dropped the minute the light shone on the intricate wiring and barely there length!

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We put nothing past Ceelo, but this spectacular costume made us look twice! We love a man whose willing to try anything!

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Hilson gives another reason to go ‘hmmmm’ with a fringed panty, cut-off denim jacket ensemble.

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Lopez was in it to win it with this body hugging gold jumpsuit which wrapped her from neck to toe – literally! It might be “crazy,” but is equally sexy and cool!

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We’re not exactly sure what is going on with Keri Hilson’s in this outfit – or what she’s channeling. But the gun shaped mirophone, slit harem style pants and combat boots are…interesting.


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