Summer Beauty: Lightweight Moisturizers

These featherweight lotions will hydrate your skin without leaving it sticky and greasy in the summer heat.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 06, 2014

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This editor's pick is the a perfect summer pick-me-up. It's designed to wake up and cool down tired legs and feet, but we use it on arms, hands and body for a refreshing kick. It absorbs fast and the scent is green yet calming. We love it, $22,

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We're not condoning prolonged sun exposure, but if it happens, slather on this cooling moisturizer. It's the perfect soothing hydrator, $28,

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A classic that's still worth checking out! The aloe scent is fresh and the lightweight moisture is perfect for summer, $5, drugstores.

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St. Ives is a romantic-smelling, handy spray on formula that coats skin but still requires a light rub-in, $8, drugstores.

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This new formulation from The Body Shop is fluffly souffle mets gel. It's instantly cooling and the fruity fragrances capture the cheer of summer, $14,

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Effectively treat brown spots and eczema with this light weight lotion, $27,

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If you're an oil lover, this product won't leave you greasy. Plus the scent is heavenly and antioxidants protect you against environmental damage, $48,

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Jojoba and olive oils are delivered in an easily absorbing light cream, $32,

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This fresh cucumber scent is just what the season requires, $12,

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Signature delish Moroccanoil scent in a quick-absorbing formula, $52,

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For correcting not just moisture, this serum can help even out skin tone, $46,


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# Skin