Summer Beauty Essentials

Here's everything you need to keep cool, smooth and shine-free from head to toe—plus our favorite summer beauty tips.

Crystal Martin May, 19, 2014

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Five different rose extracts provide weightless moisture in this anti-aging cleansing gel ($38).

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These pro-level nail tools will ensure you're never wanting for a mani-pedi. Everything you need to DIY—these tools are so sleek you'll actually want to use them ($50).

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A two-in-one razor and bikini trimmer that will keep you smooth all summer. It's slightly more than a regular razor (about $14, drugstores), but the convenience makes it worth every penny.

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You'll be shaving a lot more since it's shorts and bikini season. Protect your skin with a luxe cream shave potion (they're way more protective than gel), like this one by Shea Moisture.

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Sandals can be absolutely brutal on feet. Use this stick to prevent chafing and rubbing from straps ($10).

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Since you'll be outside more frequently, antioxidants are a must. This one from SkinCeuticals protects your skin agains free radical damage and fades hyperpigmentation ($159).

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These totally portable sheets are your secret weapon against shine. Dab on t zone to clear up oiliness. They won't leave ashy residue on your skin ($6, drugstores).

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Sweaty summer days can often equal body breakouts. Clear up bacne (and chest-ne) with this trusted salicylic acid cleanser. The key to any skincare treatment is to use frequently and consistently. Don't expect to see changes before two weeks.

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On-label this spray water is used to calm sensitive skin, but we like it as a liquid to soften summertime makeup—while getting skincare benefits. Spray on your makeup sponge before applying foundation. You'll end up with sheer, natural coverage.

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This multi-directional spray ($11) is the lazy girl's sunscreen. Use it for a long day in the sun—like a beach day or BBQ and make sure you mist commonly missed spots like the tops of feet.

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For longer days out in the sun you need to reapply sunscreen every couple hours. This Peter Thomas Roth mineral sunblock ($30) is an easy, portable option. It's transluscent so you can easily dust it over makeup or on arms, chest and shoulders—all spots that get a lot of sun exposure during a day outside.

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Please don't skin the moisturizer during the warmer months. Your skin still needs it! This lightweight formula feels refreshing and cool.

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This light formula is perfect for summer because it leaves and ultra-matte finish and won't create a white cast on the skin.

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A waterproof mascara is great, but wouldn't real fluttering fringe be so much better in the sweltering heat? Use this serum ($98) to grow longer lashes in about two months.

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This high-powered formula will keep you dry all day (we've tried it) without the sticky residue that some extra strength antiperspirants leave behind.


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