Summer 2010 Meltdowns

Summer 2010 Meltdowns
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 11, 2010

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This has been an extremely hot summer, and keeping cool has been rough. It’s even hotter for celebrities who live their lives in the spotlight. The summer of 2010 has shown how well — or not so well — our favorite celebs respond when they get all hot and bothered.

Just this week Fantasia made news when the "American Idol starlet made an attempt to take her life, overdosing on aspirin and sleep aid pills. Oddly enough, the drug overdose happened just hours after details of a lawsuit filed against her for destroying a marriage were made public, making it appear the suicide attempt may have been caused by the sex scandal allegations Fantasia has had to face in the last few months.

Whether it was anger, tears, or exhausting the public perception and letting their career’s wilt away – these celebs experienced some serious meltdowns. Sherri Shepherd went to war with GLAAD, Prince screamed he didn’t need the help of the Internet, and Kelis had no hesitations in calling out all the artists she felt jacked her style. All examples of how fire fueled the summer has been, and they didn’t even make the list! Check out the celebs and situations that did, and how hot it really was that day compared to how hot their meltdowns made it feel.

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Maia Campbell
August 5, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 75 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 96 degrees

Maia Campbell suffers with bipolar disorder. She was arrested in June and then again in July for her erratic behavior. However, it was just last week when YouTube videos surfaced featuring Campbell going wild, clearly confirming that she is on something and angry. Rapping, cussing, and picking fights with strangers, Campbell showed how much of a firecracker she is, and how much help she needs.

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Chad Ochocinco

July 14, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 88 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 94 degrees

Accused of not liking Black women after removing almost all the sisters from his dating show, Chad felt his “preference” of women had been misinterpreted. In response to the blogosphere calling his heart racist, Chad took took it to Twitter to sound off. He was mad and you knew it, when he twranted (tweeted and ranted) how not liking Black women was like not liking McDonalds. We’re still not convinced you like, either.

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Whoopi Goldberg

August 4, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 91 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 101 degrees

When “Real Housewives of DC” cast member, Michaele Salahi (also known as the White House party crasher), made an appearance on “The View,” she accused Whoopi of physically attacking her backstage.

Whoopi went off on Salahi. She explains: “So I went up to her and I told her that she knew I didn’t hit her, and yeah, you know how I said it — choice words. I make no apologies for my choice words.” Goldberg continued, “I mean, they were so choice you could have cut with a knife and eaten them.” Two snaps!

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Foxy Brown
July 30, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 91 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 99 degrees

At this point, Foxy Brown seems to know no other emotion besides anger.  Over and over again Foxy flares up, getting her in trouble with the law and displeasing her fans. In late July, Foxy must have convinced herself that instead of taking anger management classes, she would rather take her anger out on her manager — she allegedly beat her up. Later Foxy claimed it was just a heated argument and denied the fight. Regardless, chill out Fox!

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Tiger Woods
August 8, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 84 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 100 degrees

Maybe if he hadn’t put his tiger in so many woods, the world’s #1 golfer wouldn’t have played the his worst PGA Tour game last weekend.
With a score of 298, Woods finished the tournament in second to last place, which is unheard of for the all-star. The accusations of his infidelity must still be affecting his mojo as he hasn’t won a single tournament since separating from his wife.

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John Legend
June 28, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 78 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 97 degrees

John Legend appeared on the 2010 BET Awards to accept the Humanitarian Award for using his celebrity to help so many.  However, the Twitterverse chose to ignore the prestigious honor, and focus on John Legend’s crooked hairline instead.

With the hashtag #JohnLegendHairline trending, Legend used twitter himself to berate the nonsense. He wrote, “Btw, my hairline has been the same since I was a kid. Can’t believe some people are obsessing about it now. I’ve been famous for 6 yrs now, And to the haters, I’m still smarter, more talented, more successful and better looking than u. So fall back.” Tell ’em why you mad John!

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Chris Brown
June 27, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 79 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 121 degrees

Brown wins the Celebrity Meltdown award for the year for his MJ tribute performance at the 2010 BET awards. Halfway through the focus shifted completely off Jackson, as Brown broke down in the ugly cry with tears and snot dripping from his face.

I’ve said it before, but to reiterate: Chris, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

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Whoopi Goldberg
June 14, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 80 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 90 degrees

Yes, Whoopi made the list twice! We know how much heat Whoopi caused with the “Real Housewives of DC,” but when Whoopi decided it was her prerogative to defend public enemy #1, Mel Gibson, she didn’t expect the backlash. When she addressed how the public responded to her coming to Gibson’s defense, she became who she hates to remember she is — an angry black woman. Shoot, Goldberg told us to kiss her behind and everything!

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Fantasia Barrino
August 10, 2010

The Temperature That Day: 81 degrees

Measure of the Meltdown: 110 degrees

Letting the worries of the world cause you to rationalize ending your life is beyond a meltdown. We seriously wish Fantasia a quick recovery.


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