Stylists' Tips & Tricks: J-Hud's Glam Man Eric Archibald

Spring survival tips from a stylist to the stars: Jennifer Hudson's glam man, Eric Archibald.

Celia L. Smith Mar, 13, 2013

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It's already been a whirlwind year for J-Hud and her stylist Eric Archibald. First the Super Bowl, then the Oscars –– "I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to showcase her beauty through such amazing fashion and designs," says Archibald. Here, the stylist let us in on a few of his power tools so that you can showcase your beauty flawlessly this spring.

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Solution: "InSoles or Ball-of-Foot Cushions are great for filling shoes that may be a bit big for the client. Also, they are a good way to keep your feet comfortable, and most importantly, blister free!" Eric Archibald tells

Dr. Scholl's Ball od Foot cushions, $5.47,

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Solution: "Top stick wig tape is the best option for holding garments together. Especially when dealing with plunging necklines, manipulating collars, high splits and can solve hem problems in a heartbeat."

Topstick men's grooming tape, $4,

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Solution: "Wet wipes are great for removing deodorant stains and make-up stains. Sometimes, rubbing the fabric together works as well, but that depends on the type of fabric you're working with," reveals the stylist.

Wet Ones antibacterial wipes, $1.80,

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Solution: "Proper undergarments are always essential for dressing. A seamless Spanx works best depending on the look. Also, you can get high-wasted seamless Spanx in a smaller size to help bring in that waist-line."

High-waisted Spanx, $76,

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Solution: "I often use Static Guard as well. It prevents the annoying static cling from your dress and even fly away hair from sticking to the garment," says Archibald.

Static guard spray, $5.29,

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