Style Transformation: Rihanna from "Rated R" to "Loud"

Style Transformation: Rihanna from "Rated R" to "Loud"
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 15, 2010

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Edgy and eclectic describe Rihanna’s look just a few months back.

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Dark bangs and smokey eyes add edge to RIhanna’s look.

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Basic black is anything but on Rihanna.

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Leather is a consistent theme for Rihanna’s look.

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Studded glasses were a style staple in Rihanna’s edgy wardrobe.

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Rihanna finally lightens up with blond streaks in her signature cut.

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The blond streaks and red glasses combined create a lighter effect.

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Rihanna continues rocking the dark glasses, this time without the studs!

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Blond streaks have now upgraded to a full on color change and Rihanna has traded black for white.

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Bright eyes, bright hair, bright dress. Rihanna’s transformation into a blond bombshell is complete.

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Rihanna debuts a new look: cherry red short cut tops off her signature all-black-everything ensemble.

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Multi-colored polka dot jumpsuit echoes Rihanna’s new optimistic chic .

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More optimism creeps into Rihanna’s style as she debuts outfits in softer shades to compliment her raven hair.

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A blazer paired with a flirty tutu, ankle socks and pumps complete Rihanna’s school-girl look.

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A relaxed dress, socks and kitten heels solidify Rihanna’s new feminine chic.

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No all black here, red hair tops off her look and a sleek, nude Louboutin pump completes.

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Rihanna shows off a new feminine, girl swag with flirty shorts and a floral print sweater.

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Soft and sweet, Rihanna adds more color to her style statement with this blue floral skirt and blue suede booties.

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Floral patterns and a red fishtail braid show off Rihanna’s new fun and flirty vibe.

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Rocking a global, boho, sexy chic look in Times Square, Rihanna pumps up the volume.

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From short to medium and now long, Rihanna rocks a new length during her latest outing.


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