Style Savers: 16 Fashion Staples Every Woman Should Keep At Work

Whether it's unexpected after-work plans with colleagues or a straight-up fashion emergency (spilled coffee?!), here's what every modern woman should keep close for whatever life throws her way.

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What an easy way to pump up the volume of that blah work outfit. Whether it’s a pair of classic black stilettos or neutral pumps, keeping a versatile pair of heels at work will definitely come in handy.

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The work day might have brought extreme exhaustion to your mind, body and sole but it's nothing that a pair of padded insoles and a venti latte can't fix.

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You know that LBD that might not be appropriate for work but is perfect for a date night? Yes, that one! Make sure to stash it somewhere close at work for that last-minute night on the town.

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Classic gaudy studs sometimes are just the right fix that an outfit needs.  Pin your hair back and pop on those babies for an after work cocktail with the gals.

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It happens to the best of us.  Life's messy spills get all on you and not to mention you have an after work event.  Not to fret - a Tide white stick will instantly clean up your worst stain.

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A pair of not-so-plain flats is always the way to go for a chic after-work occasion. 

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The essentials might be in the bag but it's no harm in keeping it cute and chic on the outside.

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Ladies keep in mind that luckily the right statement leather jacket goes with practically any outfit.

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A killer pair of flatforms will help you keep the height and comfort when you are just dying to come out your favorite pair of stilettos.

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Keep it simple but fancy with the right necklace for an afternoon of fun.  Not to mention, that work V-neck will get an instant upgrade indeed.

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Hear me out! The right shape-wear can make a world of a difference when it comes to a fitted fit for date-night with the boo.

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The fall season has brought on chiller nights but there's nothing like a dramatically large scarf that instantly solves all your style woes.

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Sometimes you just want to lay off of the fancy work attire for something a little more appropriate for after-work activities. Having your go-to-jeans handy is all the laid-back style you'll need.

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Have an instant fall fancy moment during or after work in a classic fedora.

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A smaller bag just goes better with a night of wine and chocolate.

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Not your ordinary necklace for not your ordinary night.


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# Fashion