Style File: Chrisette Michele

The stylish ESSENCE Festival Super Lounge singer talks about her past looks, how to rock your curves and why she loves peplums.

Celia L. Smith Jun, 26, 2013

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"If you're going to wear white then it's important that you show your actual shape, otherwise you might just look like a big blob on the camera," The singer explains about her Alexander McQueen look.

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"When you're on stage it's important that you show up because if there's ten thousand people and you're one little person you've got to show up.  So onstage, it's about wearing pieces where each one has it's own moment. Don't be afraid to overdo it onstage," says Michele on her orange Alice+Olivia leather top.

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"That's one of my favorite outfits, I kind of wear that to go to dinner with my girlfriends. I have so many peplum tops it's a little bit embarrassing," Chrisette Michele tells "It's super flattering. It gives anybody an hourglass silhouette, so even if you don't have the waist that you want, you can throw on a peplum top and BAM you're Marilyn Monroe."

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"I was hanging out at the Guess store with one of my dear friends and she was like, 'ooh, zebra.' So it was kind of a fun vibe. It's important to cinch your waist in and sort of let your fabric graze your curves," the singer explains.

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"Don't be afraid of your waist. I think a lot of times we drench ourselves in fabric but I think the most important thing is to show your waistline or make one if you don't have one."

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"I was in Long Island and this was the first show with Keyshia Cole and a girl named Nicky Hughes made this. It was really fun to wear, I felt like it was a show dress as opposed to an everyday dress," she tells us. "I'm a tough girl so a lot of times when I get dressed I express that along with my super femininity. Any girl who runs their own business in this industry has to be a little tough."

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"I have more denim tops than is probably legal; from everywhere, I'm just obsessed with them. You can wear them with a bow tie, you can wear them with a necklace," suggests the singer. "I'm all about taking pieces that could be androgynous and making them super feminine because that makes you comfortable, structured and pretty."

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"I had on a Diane von Furstenberg top –– I'm obsessed with clothes and it's tough for me to wear an outfit once. You're supposed to do that when you're famous –– like it's almost a law, but it's nonsense. I wore it on the Wendy Williams show, I wore it a bunch of places. I just love that top. It's so fun to frame your face with an accoutrement."

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"I wear a lot of Tadashi Shoji. I was forty pounds heavier in that picture than I am now, and Tadashi Shoji makes you feel like you are the most elegant, beautiful, curvaceous woman in the entire universe, so Tadashi was one of my staple brands for parties and upscale events."


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