We’ve watched Brandy grow up from a baby-faced teen with braids into her fabulous new stylish self — and she looks hot! Tired of being criticized about her style, the singer is in a new space — she feels great and is projecting every bit of that.

She sat down with ESSENCE.com to chat about her new “model-ish” look and playing the “around-the-way girl” on the BET series, The Game.

ESSENCE.com: Describe Chardonnay’s style on The Game?

BRANDY: My character on The Game was ghetto-fabulous — that is who Chardonnay is. She had the big earrings on, the big clunky heels. She had to wear black in the bar, so they made her look just really ghetto-fabulous and I loved it. It was so much fun just dressing and doing different things that I’ve never done before in fashion with her, it was awesome.

ESSENCE.com: How did she stand out from the rest of the ladies?

BRANDY: It was her attitude that stood out from the rest, even though you know Tasha Mack, her personality is very forward, but Chardonnay she really held her own with Jason Pitts and I don’t think he’s really dealt with a black woman that held her own like that. So I think that’s how she stands out, she’s not phased by any of that. She’s true to herself and her style, she didn’t change up to be accepted by anybody.

ESSENCE.com: What is your personal style and how has it evolved?

BRANDY: I think I’m coming into mine, I really do. I’m finding my way and I’ve been working with a stylist as of late and he’s been really great. And I just want to show off my legs, just like baby doll meets Naomi Campbell – modelish. To put it plain, I wanna look like a star and feel like a person.

ESSENCE.com: What are your key pieces, the ones you just can’t live without?

BRANDY: I can’t live without my black boots, I love those, that’s my personal style when I’m not in front of the camera. There’s a couple of them — my UGGS, and I just got these new Ralph Lauren boots that I really like, they’re kind of like riding boots, they’re really cute. And of course the heels, the Louboutin’s, the YSL’s, those make you feel very sexy.

ESSENCE.com: Which designers give you an instantly sexy look?

BRANDY: I love Malandrino, but I just think whatever fits your body. It doesn’t have to be this big name brand — although you can’t go wrong with those — it’s what makes you feel good.

ESSENCE.com: How does your stage looks vary from your red carpet looks?

BRANDY: I haven’t been on stage in a while consistently, so I think with this next project I’m going to find what that is as well and see what my stylist can create according to what my music sounds like. I just want to dress the way I feel, you know? I feel great about my life right now, so I wanna look my best, and for not looking your best for so long and getting criticized for not looking your best for so long, it’s just really time to step up and really present yourself the way you feel and the way you want other people to feel — inspired by you. Because people can see you with that big smile and the right outfit and say “I want to dress up today and feel good about myself.” And I know beauty is within, but the outer also reflects what’s within.

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