Street Style: A Very Chic Conversation

The Harlem's Fashion Row organization led a discussion on diversity in the fashion industry and the chicest ladies attended. Here's a round-up of the women who showed up to talk serious business...stylishly.

Celia L. Smith Dec, 18, 2013

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When casual jeans get luxed up, it's a whole new story for Janelle.

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Tamika Williams has style with many layers.

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Leather gives Janelle an air of cool in frigid weather.

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Loving Shanetta's 70s cool with a modern twist.

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Keiana Burton is chicly cinched.

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Julee Wilson classically wrapped in a pea coat.

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Aliyah Muhammad piling it on as she pleases.

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Kimberly Goldson's bold accessories brighten up the mood.

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Juxtaposed pieces like a floppy and flannel make a cool combo for Juliet.

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Tenicka Boyd is cool in camel.

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Add a fur collar like Diasha's for instant glam.

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Transform basic black with graphic accessories like Brayana Kelly's.

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Julia Anyaugo serves a double dose of style in a jacket and coat.

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Overload on textures like Monique.

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It's all about the peaking patterns beneath black for Shea.

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Warm up to patterns like Jehanne's, it will change your life.

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If you're baring legs, wrap it all up in a fab fur like Sade Solomon's.

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Daphney Jules packing punch with a pattern scarf.

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Kristen Davis is a bundled beauty.

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Top it off with a top knot like Brooke's.

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Kenecia's urban snowbunny style.

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Candace Belle is vintage-chic.

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Boost your bomber with a touch of fur like Kristen Pope's.