Street Style: Trends To Try Now

From wide-leg trousers, to fabulously furry clutches, these trends will continue to have a major moment in the new year.

Celia L. Smith Dec, 31, 2014

1 of 16 Hannan Saleh

The fuzzy clutch trend is a favorite of ours because it’s a simple way to make your look standout. This season, designer Harbison's mink clutch is killing it! Just keep your look paired-down when partnering this clutch with it.

Grace Mahary from Canada.

2 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Light wash jeans are winning right now. If you’re still stuck on skinny jeans that’s cool, but this midi-length, cropped style will add a bit of flair to your look.

Gabrielle Prescod from New York City.

3 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Allexis Teape from Brooklyn.

4 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Patricia Luensmann from Germany.

5 of 16 Hannan Saleh

The gap is widening for pant legs this season. The more billowy, the better when you’re rocking this 70s style trouser–– just make sure you have the perfect platform.

6 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Grasie Mercedes from Los Angeles.

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Ndoema from Bangui.

8 of 16 Hannan Saleh

The art of layering these days means more than a simple T-shirt and blazer moment. Pile on pieces that give personality to your look.

Shiona Turini from Bermuda.

9 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Danielle Prescod from NYC.

10 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Nicole Chapoteau from New York City.

11 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Kim and Kanye have made conscious coupling for clothing, a real thing. This time around it’s about your cooler rendition of his style versus literally copying that makes the look more chic than cheesy.

12 of 16 Hannan Saleh

N’ima Ford and friends.

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Plaid is more powerful in numbers, and word to the wise: it does not have to match.

Ade Samuel from Los Angeles

14 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Preetma Singh from New York City

15 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Sparkly embellishments are not only for the tween set this season. Embellished jeans, jackets and even Birkenstocks have found a way to make basic items anything but boring.

16 of 16 Hannan Saleh

Corinna Williams from New York City.