Street Style: Stroke of Midnight

Street Style: Stroke of Midnight
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 05, 2012

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Saks Fifth Avenue Buyer Shequeita Orr wears a Rachel Rachel Roy strapless jumpsuit, DVF clutch and Christian Louboutin shoes. She chose this look because: “It was reminiscent of the 70s, channeling the ever popular Halston jumpsuit era. The coral added just enough drama to give this classic look a little twist!”

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Retail Manager Melissa Alvarez wears a blazer by Express, skirt by Zara, and shoes by Halston. She chose this look because: “I wanted to wear a suit without looking too professional. The white and black was a perfect ‘fresh’ way to bring in the New Year.”

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Founder of Mamo Parker, Brahaani Mamo looks glam in a vintage dress and Topshop shoes.

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Desiree Talley wears a vintage shingle T-shirt dress and 6-inch invisible “Night Walker” mary jane platforms. She chose this look because: “I wanted to be fun and edgy. For me, the New Year is about letting go, and in this look I felt free.”

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Nurse Shamika Blain is svelte in a bodycon mini and beautiful blouse.

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Law Student Autumn Anderson wears a sequin bodycon in pretty pink.

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Photographer Kendra S. Kiett is sexy in a cut-out dress and chunky platforms.

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Kiran Ahmad is decked in vintage. She chose this look because: “I saw the dress, and fell in love.”

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Student Brittany Stephenson makes a lively appearance in prints.

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Tracy Barcelona wears a showstopping mini and shoes that shine.

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Designer Wilhelmina Rose wears a dress of her own. She chose this look because: “My first thought was the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’”

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Susan Wjuhi is cute and quirky in a punchy colored skirt and head-piece.

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Sales rep Melonie Brown spices up a suit jacket with a colorful bow tie and frilly skirt.

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Teacher Frances Harnes gets to the point in a ruched LBD.

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Sandy Castor wears a dress by Erin Fetherston, clutch by Gucci and Larissa heels by Christian Louboutin. She chose this look because: “The ivory color with gold accents offered an elegant glow.”

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Stylist Pietrina Love wears a suit by H&M, corset by Victoria’s Secret, shoes by Topshop, and vintage accessories. She choose this look because: “I wanted to wear menswear with a feminine twist, thus the colorblocking and clean lines.”

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Costume designer Safiyaah Fatin in a vintage find.

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Tamia Walker

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Nurse, Raquel Reyes dress by Rubber Ducky that I purchased at a boutique in The Bronx in Fordham Road called Rush. This boutique is the only place in the Bronx in when I shop here, I feel like I am shopping in the stores in Soho. You will find many great finds here.

“I chose this dress bc it had the sequined feel most NYE dresses should have but with a burst of colors that many people don’t often wear. The lace as well complemented the dress perfectly. Also, the low cut towards the front gave it that sexiness I was looking for.”

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Wendy Stanislaws

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Stylist, Leshana Theodore wearing a Olga & Maya dress for the new years because it made me feel happy and that’s the feeling I always inspire to feel.

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Business analyst, Dorothy Joseph

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Accountant, Sioney Tomlinson:
I wore a “Zara Collection” sequin dress. I chose this beautiful short black and green dress because it oozed “elegance, sexiness, and style”. Sequin is also perfect for a special night like NYE. I knew that I wanted to sparkle so my dress had to be shiny.

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Reginal manager for H&M, Jenny Jean-Michel wears a BeBe dress, Gisuppe Zionatti shoes and vintage and thrift store jewelry.“I love to do the high and low thing. Funny story I was searching everywhere because I didn’t want to do the traditional sequence dress. When I found this dress I knew it was the one! I wanted to channel sexy and fun for the New Year!”

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College Admin, Denise Curtis

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Officer Marcia wears
was wearing Baby Phat. I use to wearing boring colors (black gray brown) but wanted to spice things up. When I saw this dress knew it was out of my ordinary and my friends said it look fabulous on me.

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Medical resident, Ashley Artis

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Recording artist, Nykki Nicole

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Singer, Jessica Mayers

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Account executive, Kiki Cleavland

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Therapist, Jennifer Arceneaux

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Medical student, Simone Peart in a Lulu dress.

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Writer, Tracy Court in a Bebe dress. “My dress was by bebe and I chose it because the pink satin felt dressy and festive without being over the top. I also felt that the color complimented my complexion.”

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Program director, Tanique Harris

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Vintage Buyer, Keira Chatman saves the best for herself.

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Sales associate, Lyn Rodgers keeps simple.

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French teacher Fifi Lakdahr is chic on NYE.