Street Style: Parisian Chic

Lessons to learn from ten undeniably cool Black girls in Paris—a few even willing to spill the secret to that au naturale fashion and beauty je ne sais quoi.

Qimmah Saafir Oct, 16, 2014

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“I always try  to  keep my make-up simple, as my hair has a lot of volume and my clothes a bit eccentric. I want to keep a balance between classic and fashion. I do a wash and go twice a week and let my  hair dry on the fresh air. As a fashion rule I stick to–– make it noticeable but always comfortable. Apart from that, have fun.” ––Fanny

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Naba Cisse's key to commanding attention in an all-black look is texture.

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Leather (or faux) leggings add surface interest and a luxe touch as opposed to cotton.

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“One of my secrets is to be natural and not overdoing it. I like wearing dark clothes, it makes me feel elegant and unpretentious.” ––Clémentine Pheron-Dubois

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"For me in fashion, simplicity is the key. In fashion and in beauty, a bit of eye-liner and mascara can make the difference. Maybe my difference from the typical Parisian is that I’m always wearing sneakers with everything. They make all the difference in an outfit. I'm starting a collection, 60 pairs at the moment." ––Sarah Gabin

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Colors and patterns work better when given as little thought as possible.

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“After moving to France and I had my son my skin changed to be more oily. Then I did what all the french ladies do, bought my beauty products from the pharmacy; Avéne, La Roche-Posay etc. Now I've decided to give Aesop a try after trying a gift from an Australian client! I use Masque Nettoyant a l'Onagre then apply a toner–– just learning how important toners are; then finish with the Hydrating créme.” ––Yanique Francis

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A French mom never loses her cool (or sense of style).

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Do wear a full-on navy look like it’s the new black.

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 You don't ever take fashion too seriously if you're French.

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Mounar proves that Parisians never let’s a scarf out of their sight.

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“My beauty secret is trying day after day to be natural as much as possible hair, make up etc. and keep moving, walking, running across Paris.” ––Véronique

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"I'm stuck in the 50s and I often wear an accessory or vintage clothes coming from that decade.”

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Find your signature style and stick to it. If it works why reinvent the wheel?

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“My secret? Chilling at a station or school and observing individual styles. I take note of everything and improvise everyday whilst adding my own personal touch to my wardrobe of the day.” ––Stephanie

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“Im a fan of fashion especially the way each person expresses themselves through it.”