Street Style Men: Suit Dreams

Street Style Men: Suit Dreams
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 19, 2012

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Ohlynn Wright Jr., 17. “My dream is to be a blow horn for a generation of whispers and make sure my action is just as effective as my words. I want to write and direct films that expose light to the blind while exposing how the blind see the world.”

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Denzel Griffith, 17. “My dream is to become a musician.”

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Kavier Pollard, 17.“My dream is to become a pharmacist and a music producer.”

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Tyrea Clarke, 17. “My dream is to become an engineer.”

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Jesse Boykins III, 26. “I dream for our generation and the generation after us to want to gain more knowledge of world culture and art history.”

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Joseph Jeffers, 18. “My dream is to finish college and get my masters in Computer Science.”

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Kai Smith, 17. “My dream is to be able to use what I’m passionate about — writing and visual art — to inspire younger generations to live their life and make their dreams come true!”

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Marquise Tottil, 17.“My dream is to take care of my mother.”

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Naiquan Greene, 22. “My dream is that one day I’ll find my true passion, which will in turn help me fund and support others in their own dreams. I ultimately want to show other young minority men that we have so much power, but it’s up to us to keep strong minds and tap into our potential.”

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Kymel Turner, 17. ”My dream is to live a successful and happy life!”

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Mr. Sinorice Moss, 27. “I have a dream of helping others dare to dream. In reaching their goals and fulfilling the promises God made for them. One Of my favorite quotes: ’Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.’”

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Dashawn Sargeant, 18. “I want to be a doctor and cure those who can’t afford the cure itself.”

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John Reid, 17. “My dream is to make a positive impact on the children in my community. It would be great to see every child from Brownsville, Brooklyn, eager to go to college.”

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Jaime Perez, 18. ”My dream is to become a famous musician.”

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Shayquan Welsh, 18. “My dream is to be become a doctor.”

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Jerrell Horton, 24. “My dream is to strategically re-distribute the blessings I have been given to the masses. I want to be an agent of social change so that when I am dead and gone, I leave a legacy that my children and children’s children will be proud of."

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Michael Smith, 17. “My dream is to go to college and get a Doctorate degree”

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Andre Davis-D’Stephens, 26. “My dream is to use music to be the voice of the struggle. I want people to listen to my music and find comfort, motivation and empowerment.”

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Mr. Shiva Forrester, 18. “My dream is to become a mechanical engineer.”

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“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a manager of a talented artist. I want to represent someone important.”
Mr. Michael Blair, 18.

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“My dream is to study business and become an entrepreneur. "
Mr. Maiker Perez, 16.

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“My dream is to become a role model for my community and someone young men can look up to”
Mr. Jeremiah Gongora, 18.

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“My dream is to be successful in life so I can be able to give back and mentor young men like myself.”
Mr. Isaiah Horton, 14.

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“My dream is to be successful in life, give back to my community and support my family“
Mr. Ramale Galbreith-Johnson, 20.

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“My dream is to make enough money to contribute back to my family and my community.”
Mr. Allen Lloyd, 19.

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“My dream is to be a successful CEO of a company."
Mr. Curtis Gibson, 18.

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“My dream is to graduate high school, college, and then pursue my doctorate degree.”
Mr. Giovanni Anglin, 16.

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“My dream is to one day become a lawyer.”
Mr. Walter Lemon, 20.

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“My dream is to start my own business one day”
Mr. Tylik Prince, 17.

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“I want to be high-profile lawyer fighting for those who cant fight for themselves.”
Mr. Giancarlo Lopera, 17.

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“My dream has been and always will be to change the world…one step at a time.”
Mr. Jesus Ortiz, 17.

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“To become a recognized figure in the fashion industry as a photographer. I would like to have my own studio but also work as an intern or assistant for photographers to learn and gain experience.”
Mr. Carlos Santana, 17.

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“My dream actually is to be a professor. I want to teach young people like myself more than what’s in the books. I want to teach about life.”
Mr. Anthony Charpenter, 16.

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“My dream is to become an activist and stand up for people in my neighborhood..”
Mr. Ceballos Eddison, 16.

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“My dream is to serve my people as not only an example, but also as a helping hand that will aid in the development of individuals that will one day make the world a better place. This is what I strive for, this is what I will continue striving for, this is my dream.”
Mr. Paul Clarke, 17.

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“My dream is simple. I want to make sure my family is never in want!”
Mr. Shakari Hall, 17.

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“My dream is to give my mom what her mother couldn’t give her by helping her with her financial obligations. My dream is to also stay in contact with my friends who I consider my second family!”
Mr. Omari Dillard, 17.

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" I dream of opportunity. I dream of greatness and excellence. I dream for a future of prosperity."
Mr. Harold Bell, 26.

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“My dream is to take on the issues of today, so they are no longer issues of tomorrow.”
Mr. Charles Kuykendoll, 25.

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“Martin Luther King Jr. was once quoted saying ‘Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.’ With this in mind, my dream is have a ripple effect on the world through my music. I believe my ability as a rapper/producer to create the soundtrack for the disadvantaged will soon reach the masses and as Dr. King said, make the world better.”
Mr. Brandon “Fedel” Delesline, 25.

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”My dream is to become a world renowned athlete and use my influence to enforce change for those who struggling. I want to represent athletes who do indeed place an emphasis on education. I WILL complete college and will have a fall back if I should happen not to make it to MLB. Education is the key”
Mr. Malik Horton, 16.