Street Style: Layered Love

Street Style: Layered Love
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 23, 2012

1 of 13 Hannan Saleh

We love how this stylist used bright colors to pop against the silver tones.

2 of 13 Hannan Saleh

This stylish lady wears a collection of bangles, some vintage and others from travel through out the years.

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This Lia Sophia Indian-inspired cuff and ‘Ambition’ bracelet adds a touch of opulence to a casual look.

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Layered rings make the perfect compliment to boutique bangles piled high.

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Layering the same kind of metal in different sizes and textures is a cool way to keep it consistent.

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Patterned pieces add a kick to a solid ensemble.

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This young lady accessorizes with a vintage mix of bracelets.

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A quirky mix from Target, Charlotte Russe and Deréon.

9 of 13 Hannan Saleh

Several chunky styles make a bold statement.

10 of 13 Hannan Saleh

Throw in a watch with mixed metals, plastic and glass bracelets like this fashionista.

11 of 13 Hannan Saleh

Make like blogger Folake and sport a mix of beaded bracelets from different flea markets.

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Mixing spikes and textured shapes adds dimension and personality.

13 of 13 Hannan Saleh

Pattern mixing accessories with clothing spruces up the look.