Street Style: Indoors and In Style

Street Style: Indoors and in Style
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 06, 2010

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Enjoying the holidays with friends and with style always makes for a great combination. Be it a black dress or a colorful selection, always party in style. The Minority Report and The Brooklyn Circus hosted a stellar event.

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A little bit of color shows personality and individuality. Think outside the conventional box and create a look that fits your personality.

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Dressing up doesn’t always require a flashy gown A great blouse and a fine cotton/wool blend make for a great look.

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A simple outfit with stunning details will make many turn green with envy. Once again, search for the colors that best compliment you.

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Have fun with colors that work well with your complexion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, but make sure you select the ones that make you radiate.

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Ending the year in a festive mode sometimes calls for some glitter and glam. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

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Sometimes there’s no quieting the Diva in you… in those cases, work that inner Diva to the fullest. You work hard, might as well party just as hard.

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Other than black, colors to consider for a night on the town are champagne, off-white, cream. This sister matches color and fit perfectly.

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Paired with the right accessories certain colors give off a classy and regal look.

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It may be cold outside, but a black strapless dress always has a way of heating up the night.

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Sometimes a festive night calls for simple black dress and colorful clutch. Find the pieces that speak volumes.

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