Street Style: I Love My Natural Hair

Street Style: I Love My Natural Hair
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 05, 2011

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“It’s free, just like my spirit. It’s beautifully unique and so liberating. Since I went natural, I receive compliments every single day, without fail.”

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“Being natural gives me the opportunity to be uninhibited and stylish. Natural hair is all about freedom.”

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“Being natural is freedom. Being natural is funky!”

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“I went from being a couch potato to joining a fitness center as a result of going natural.”

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“It sets me apart. There’s nothing wrong with the texture we were born with.”

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“It’s the original ‘me’ that God created!”

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“I love the way kids stare at my hair.”

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“My hair represents the courage I’ve developed over the years, after being ridiculed for not conforming.”

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“The style possibilities are endless. My natural hair exposes my simple-hearted, creative self.”

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“It affords me flexibility.”

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“I love my natural hair because it’s all mine!”

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“[My natural hair is] freedom! Freedom to be bold, unique and carefree.”

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“It makes me feel like I’ve been reborn!”

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“I love the versatility of looks I can get. I can be a nine-to-fiver or a rock star!”

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“My hair allows me to be myself.”

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“What I love most about my hair is the versatility and creativity it offers me.”

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“My kinky texture and tight curls…they are what makes me, me.”

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“I can create any style I want with my hair, from large and in charge to silky straight — and it always bounces right back after styling.”

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“Nothing is more empowering than being my most authentic self.”

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“I love my natural hair because it accents my confidence, style and beauty.”


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