Street Style: Hot Time in the City

Street Style: Hot Time in the City
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 04, 2010

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Stacy Harper looks beautiful in this asymmetrical jumpsuit.

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Jessica Jackson wears the go-to summer chic look: a tank and short shorts with a lightweight blazer to bring it all together.

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Franchesca Strong jazzes up her dress with this nautical inspired cardigan and red accessories.

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Michelle Proctor is rushing to see her favorite singer Erykah Badu perform. This BCBG dress looks stunning on a warm summer night.

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Tiera Watkins keeps it classy and young with her charcoal ruffle blouse, silver gray cardigan and satin black shorts.

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Casey Renae clearly loves colors. She lights up the night in this floral patterned skirt and green v-neck tee.

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Lynn Howard looks fierce in this silk floral blouse and simple black tights. Love the curls…

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Ryan Warwick rocks an animal print jacket and plaid scarf over her black on black look. Rock star chic!!!

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Kay Jay shows her love of Black culture with her little black dress, red cardigan and green oversized purse and spices it up with an African print belt and bow tie.

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Stephanie Melbourne embraces her femininity in this pale rose silk blouse and taupe skirt. Love those heels!

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Keeping it simple and chic, Julie Greene’s crisp white tops paired with the blue pants and taupe heels is a fresh look for summer.

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Allysun N. Wood looks sharp with this simple ensemble. The key to this outfit are the details throughout: the layers to her skirt, the ruffle top and that statement necklace.

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NicCole Goodson wears a plaid sleeveless top from Anthropologie, AG skinny jeans and fierce gray stiletto sandals from Zara.

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Brennan Provost’s style is super chic, while looking so effortless. We love the accessories…

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Gabrielle Lewis-Poe is ready for a some fun in this flirtatious mini dress. Get it girl…

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Makeup artist Tameka Wilkins dresses up a cocktail mini dress with a crisp white summer blazer and strappy heels. Very haute!

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Kalynda Smith is looking very regal in this silk paisley dress she found in a boutique close to home.

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Terri Crandell keeps it cool with a monochromatic gray top and pant outfit. Work it…

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Brittany Gates looks spectacular in a fucsia silk, jersey dress and accent scarf.

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Angela Riggs shows off her lovely Caribbean inspired dress paired with black tank and short sleeve cardigan.

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Kamarie Dudley wears a cute mini dress she found at Urban Outfitters. Love the heels…

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Angela Makoe reminds us that sometimes a little black dress is all that you need. Very chic.

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Chana Logan looks comfortable and cool in this strapless jumpsuit.

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Janelle Morris is a WDCW producer. She is getting ready to cover this memorable event.