Street Style: Girl About Town

Street Style: Girl About Town
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 02, 2012

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Brand strategist and stylist Kristen Domingue wears a Mackage coat, a scarf made with fabric purchased at a cultural market and shoes by 8020. “I love contrast, anything that is a little hobo-chic and feminine with masculine edges. I’ve been told I have an understated elegance.”

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Photographer Charity Hugul wears a vintage coat, Asos shoes and a Celine bag. Her favorite finishing touch is a “red lip.”

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Fashion Director Anoma Whittaker wears a Zara poncho over a Calvin Klein coat, and Minnetonka moccasins. Her go-to pieces: “Karen Walker sunglasses and my vintage Rolex. I think of myself as as wearing mainly tomboy/mixup-mash up clothes. I’m not very ‘finished’ in a womanly sense.”

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Social worker Nicoli Cuffie wears a coat from H&M’s Trend line, a hat she purchased at a boutique and Dr. Martens boots. “I would describe my style as care-free expressions of me. I dress based on my emotions and sometimes, according to the weather. I’m a bubbly person, and I’m sure people can tell that by the way I dress.”

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Sales specialist Tatianna Frierson wears an H&M scarf as a head wrap, Bebe coat, and Steve Madden boots. She’s got a “70s flair, retro-inspired” style.

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Dancer Melma Carr wears a Material Girl coat, H&M pants, Steve Madden scarf and Forever21 boots. Her style is “colorful and playful.”

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Danii Phae founder of Phae wears a Cheetah print North Face bubble coat, Urban Outfitters shorts, American Apparel tights and Dr. Martins boots.“My style comes naturally, never forced. Daily it comes either from how I’m feeling, where I’m going or what i want to share differently to the world as far as style; trying new things and doing things others won’t dare to do, but making it work. My style is free-spoken like myself.”

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Founder of Haute and Low Sonji Williams wears a self-designed coat and scarf with G-Star top and jeans and vintage boots. She wears “whatever feels right.”

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Suzi the founder of Nail Tite wears a vintage coat by SWRV.BIZ, Missoni skirt, a vintage baseball jersey, leg warmers by Shibuya 109 and Jeffery Campbell boots. Being “artsy and funky” is her thing.

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Office Coordinator Delia Denson wears an Anthropologie coat and “her favorite winter item — a chunky winter scarf from the Gap.” She keeps it “quaint and bohemian-chic.”

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Event Producer Jennifer Olize wears a Forever21 coat, H&M pants and Steve Madden boots. She describes her style as “simple.”

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Recording artist Sasha “Stixx” Medina wears MANGO coat and Forever21 knit hat. She’s “fun, funky and comfortable. I love baggy pants.”

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Photographer Jamila R. Waddell wears a great vintage pea coat. She mixes “quirky accessories” with her “vintage-mod” style.

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Recording artist Justine Skye wears a Canada Goose coat, Forever21 camouflage jacket, Urban Outfitters pants and Dr. Martens boots.

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TV producer and host Tiffany Martinbrough wears a vintage coat, Donna Karen shoes, and coach bag. She describes her style as"artsy chic."