Street Style: Fall's Hottest Trends and How to Rock Them

Fall is officially here and there's no time like the present to hone into this season's hottest trends and how to rock them. From fiesty fringe to cool culottes, these are the looks you'll want to master this fall.

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A knit dress is the perfect piece to take into the fall. Gabrielle Eitienne nails the look with a draped jacket that adds a bit of color to the ensemble and chic sneakers. 

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Rhea Carter further makes the case for the knit dress with this gorgeous look. Her chunky sweater dress and super cute mules (also on trend) make for the perfect fall ensemble. Just add a jacket. 

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A leather jacket is a fall staple but a great way to punch things up is to add color. Take a cue from style blogger Candice Stewart and go for a dark green hue.

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Fashion editor Rajni Jaques gives a style cue as she adds a feminine touch to her leather with a flirty floral skirt. Make this look work for fall by swapping the sandals for chic black booties.

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The culotte has had it's fair share of popularity this summer but it has to make it's fall transition just like the rest of us. Lily's cool khaki pair are the perfect way to make the move to the new season.

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Lamika Fox hits the nail on the head with these chic black culottes. Just add a cropped jacket and you're good to go.

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Being matchy matchy never looked so good! Carmen Lilly delivers an adorable look with her sweatshirt material top and full skirt set. The fuzzy appliqués are so on trend. 

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Al Malonga shows us that when it comes to prints, there's nothing to be afraid of. Go with a bold printed suit set to make the look your own. 

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The jumpsuit is all the rage this season. It's simple, stylish and saves time when dressing in the morning. One stop shop anyone? Pair your jumpsuit with a cute jacket for the optimal effect. 

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Destiny O. gives a lesson in rocking a printed jumpsuit with this look. Go for somthing with an eye-popping pattern and a conversation-starting cut if you're ready to go bold. 

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Aleali May gets all denim everything right with this relaxed look. Look for a loose fitted pair of jeans and a jean top to give this style a spin. 

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Mia Tucker-Williams proves that rocking your jean jacket as a shirt is a style win. The killer shoes and relflective shades top off the look. 

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Elizabeth Keene proves that sometimes borrowing from the boys is neccesary in this oh-so-dapper three piece suit. Extra points for having a friend that is equally stylish. 

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Paola Mathe adds a feminine touch to her menswear inspired suit with a printed shirt, open-toe booties and a gorgeous head wrap. Don't be afriad to add your favorite accessories to take a suit up a few notches. 

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Shiona Turini shows us how to take an already chic outfit to the next level with eye-catching boots. Whether you opt for a patterned, striped or even textured pair, make sure they pack a punch! 

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Going for a metallic pair is another way to break the boot mold. 

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As 70s style relives it's heyday, fringe has become a go-to for stylistas everywhere. Nicole Chapteau shows us how to incorporate fringe into your wardrobe without overdoing it. 

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Danielle Prescod shows us that fringe doesn't have to come in the form of a skirt, jacket or purse but it can stand alone. Add some fun movement to any outfit with a full-on fringe skirt.