Street Style: Fabulous Frames

Street Style: Fabulous Frames
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 02, 2012

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Erin Coleman rocks Ray Ban prescription frames. “My last pair were cerulean blue on the outside and orange on the inside of frames. This time I stayed with classic black but played even more with shape.”

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Antoinette Lee scored this lovely pair at a street corner vendor in Brooklyn.

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This young lady sports her over-sized frames purely for fashion.

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Elizabeth Camachoo sports prescription frames she found in Brooklyn. “I love big nerdy frames.”

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Chondra Cooks wears D&G prescription specs. “My glasses are for function but they are ‘in’ right now so that helps.”

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Tamara Robert rocks vintage aviator bottomless frames simply for the trend.

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Accessories designer Ebonie Simone.
“The glasses are circa 1970s Christian Dior, I purchased them from Fabulous Fannies in the East Village. I’m blind as a bat! I don’t believe in fashion, it’s timing…whereas style is timeless.”

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Danielle Jaggon wears tortoise-style frames she purchased at a vendor in SoHo, NY.

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Shaniquea Johnson wears a pair of vintage metal aviators. “They’re great for changing my look.”

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Suzi wears prescription vintage Renato Balestra glasses, one of the many pairs she owns.

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Jasmine Garcia wears prescription D&G frames for a “sophisticated” look.

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Lanitra Huff wears “fun” tortoise and metal frames found in her friend’s vintage collection.

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Nicoli Cuffie wears Forever 21 frames. “My glasses style is more or less big and funky—glasses that are not the norm.”

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Bridget Adekoya wears a vintage treasure — Tokyo 109 Shibuya glasses.

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Roxy Monroe wears these empty frames she found in a thrift store purely for “trend.”

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Joy Adeze wears her signature glasses bought from Fabulous Fannies in the East Village.

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Accessories designer, Erica Lasan wears Brooklyn designer Tasiya Sealey’s Purple Pill Babies “See Afrika” glasses. She wears these funky shades purely for fashion and “loves to match them with her jewelry.”