Street Style: ESSENCE Women's Conference

ESSENCE Women's Conference
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 05, 2010

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Miasha Coleman and Lisa Wu Hartwell, co-authors of “When The Cake is Already Made,” promoted their book at the EWC in New York City.

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Basic black is always a good choice for power dressing — especially for a busy woman. Black goes with everything, doesn’t show dirt, and is perfect for day to evening.

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Sheila Coates, of BYOB (Be Your Own Brand), looks fab in this black turtleneck and leopard skirt. Coates’ accessories — statement necklace and bangles and wide belt — say: “Look at me.”

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Curvy girls know that the best way to dress is to show off their shape. This black vest and tank are the perfect balance to her stripped, pouf skirt. Gold star!!!

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Men’s tailoring is a great way to dress for business and pleasure. This black, classic suit is offset by the feminine white camisole.

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Basic black is a great way to show off your curves. The black outlines your body and the black tights and high-heels elongate the body. Her cognac bag adds pizazz.

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Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks to make your own style statement. This baby doll dress goes from drab to fab thanks to the corsage, bold leopard print bag, and lace-up boots.

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Brand Me Minute’s Melissa Dawn Johnson is the perfect example of power chic. Her gray business suit goes ultra feminine with this purple, ruffled blouse and green handbag.

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Make any outfit pop by adding a bold, colorful accessory to the mix.

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They say gray is the new black and Burrell Communication’s Tracy Anderson’s dress is the perfect example why. The classic dress gets a twist with the black pipping, button, and belt.

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Make a style statement by keeping it simple. This gray shirt dress shows off Burrell Communication’s Iman Jefferson’s gorgeous smile and great legs. The look is all about business.

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This soft, silk pale gray dress is easy breezy for the busy professional woman. Simple and chic! We love it.

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Soft, feminine dresses like this one are on-trend for fall. Simply layer the chiffon dress over a turtleneck and tights to keep it cozy and cute.

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Dress for success by wearing a classic suit and add some subtle accessories. We love her choice of jewelry and how they work with her shoes.

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Keeba Williams Henry adds a classic argyle cardigan to this beautiful, form-fitting dress. The color blue represents confidence, power, and authority.

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Work your look. We love her bold jewelry — especially the butterfly ring, her fishnet stockings, and classic, black suede pumps. This is office chic!

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Jennaydra Clunis, President of LoNoLi (Love No Limit) a professional matchmaking service, wears a feminine, silk blouse, classic trousers, and animal print flats. Very nice…

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Sirena Moore, President of Elohim Cleaning Contractors, shows off the softer way to professional dressing. The silk blouse and the flowing wrap skirt are all about business.

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Radio and TV personality Free looks fresh-to-death in this military-inspired denim jacket and leggings. We love the gray driver cap and matching boots.

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Tiffani Calle, VP of Sales at Clear Channel, strikes a pose in this dramatic and colorful dress accentuated with black accessories. Work it girl…

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Judge Glenda Hatchett wore this red, lady-like suit while delivering her powerful and passionate keynote address during the EWC in NYC.

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Ester Mireya-Tejeda, Director of PR of Armand de Brignac Champagne, shows off her personal style with this gold, silk blouse and animal print pumps.

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Dr. Michelle Callahan rocks a bright pink shift dress and the latest Louis Vuitton bag for a modern lady-like look at the ESSENCE Women’s Conference in NYC.

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Callahan’s spectacular Louis Vuitton Fleur de Jais is a creative take on the traditional Speedy.