Street Style: DanceAfrica

The focus of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's annual cultural fete is film, art and dance from the diaspora, but the fashion is just as inspiring. Check out re-worked batik prints and overall cool flea market stroll-worthy style.

Celia L. Smith May, 28, 2014

1 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Brooklyn-meets-Africa in this cool mash-up.

2 of 18 Hannan Saleh

A scarf this vibrant is all Kalima needs to energize her look.

3 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Sabrina pairs her indigo tie dyed top with a pretty pastel for an indigenous-meets-downtown look.

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Ebonee's sleek, chic and fuss free is always a winning look.

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Asatousohna's turban elevates her casual black look effortlessly.

6 of 18 Hannan Saleh

From top hat to peep-toe Roberta rocks a weekend look worthy of repeating.

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This over-the-top turban is perfectly paired down in a casual way with jeans; a look that can be worn every day.

8 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Balance a bell-baring top with high-waist pants like Isamar's.

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The textures and colors make Kalea's look one cool combo.

10 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Gena's jumpsuit is perfect for Saturday strolls.

11 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Zalika'z denim is the perfect companion to this powerfully patterned skirt.

12 of 18 Hannan Saleh

This cool T-shirt balances her batik skirt in an unexpected way.

13 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Whitney's easy breezy self-designed dress is perfect for a summer stroll and beyond.

14 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Batik is better in simpler shapes that allow the print to shine.

15 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Play with proportion like Saturn and crop it all out.

16 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Ashley keeps it cute in denim all-day.

17 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Ashleigh's floral dress makes for a sweet summer look.

18 of 18 Hannan Saleh

Talaeba's tonal blue accents are the perfect backdrop to this beautiful dress.