Street Style: Cool Cats

Street Style: Cool Cats
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 02, 2012

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Retail manager Daniel Winchaster wears a Flippa K. coat, Scotch and Soda scarf and Prada shoes. He’s the quintessential “NYC gentleman.”

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Dreemz, a brand creative manager for musicians, wears a Topman coat, Epoch hat, Commes des Garcons button-up shirt, and a Turnbull&Aser bow tie. “My favorite finishing touch would have to be my hats and/or tie.”

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Actor John Anthony Williams wears an H&M coat, MO851 leather jacket, Gap T-shirt, Uniqlo khakis, Timberland boots and a Ben Sherman bag. He loves to keep it “cool and comfortable.”

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Soul singer Aundreus wears a vintage thrift blazer and pocket square, J Fisk boots, American Eagle denim, H&M sweater and a Maison Martin Margiela cuff. His style is an “embodiment of music, culture and style.”

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Founder of Brooklyn Coffeehouse Frank Warren wears a Compagnia Delle Pelli leather jacket, Banana Republic sweatshirt and Nike sneakers. “My favorite finishing touch — I think a good scent adds to the entire presentation. I use Gucci Guilty.”

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Antoine Williams founder of Antoine’s consignment wears a Zara coat, Agold pants, Burberry glasses and Cole Haan shoes. My favorite finishing touch is a nice watch and a fresh shape-up or haircut."

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Bodywork Therapist Charton Boyd wears a DKNY coat, and vintage hat. “My absolute favorite finishing touch is a confident and positive attitude.”

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Suit designer Devon Scott wears a self-designed suit wrapped in a Balenciaga scarf. “My favorite finishing touch to a look is the pocket square, if I’m wearing a suit or sport coat and of course the fragrance. The way you smell is an expression of style to me.”

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Singer Alfred James wears a Banana Republic trench coat, Abercrombie & Fitch denim and Atrium boots. “I would have to say my style is silky and dazzling.”

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Stylist Darius Baptist wears a Cock Pit hat, Lucien-Pellat Finet scarf, Diesel jacket, Alexander McQueen sunglasses, and Radii sneakers. He’s “trendy but not overdone. I must keep a pair of sunglasses with me at all times.”

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VP of Marketing Patrick Walsh wears a Banana Republic double breasted coat.

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Blogger and photographer Monsieur Jerome wears a Zara hat, Uniqlo coat and Comme Des Garcons button-up shirt. His look starts with the shoes, “I pull everything out of my drawers to match with them.”

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Realtor, Levar Cooper wears an imported Russian hat and coat from Stella’s finds.He describes himself as “Trendy Mode.”for my personal touch I try to be unique and bold. I go for the one of a kind no one else might have this look just to turn heads. "As for my favorite finishing touch, for me its that shirt, tie, or hat that compliments my skin tone and blends really well (flawlessly) with whatever im wearing. "

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Home health aid, Jesus Rodriguez wears an H&M coat and boots and vendor found scarf. He describes himself as “Grown and Sexy.”

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Celebrity stylist,Rome Miller wears a Prada coat, a vintage Gucci bag and Olden shoes. He describes his style as “Free Style.”

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Web designer, Wesly Paisley wears a Black Rivet coat, JCrew button up and slacks. He describes his look as “Normal.”?
“Simple…Making sure that I match tonally or have a decent hue. I like to have fun and be appropriate for the situation that I am attending.
My clothes are functional as well as a way of expression.”