Street Style: Belle in Brooklyn Event

Street Style: Belle in Brooklyn Event
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 22, 2010

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Undra Duncam’s nautical inspired dress is the perfect day to evening piece. Add cardigan and go. (She’s obviously got a great eye for accessories as well.)

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Tamika Haywood rocks one of her very own creations: Dress by Culture Flyy.

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Nicole Rowland wears a stark white sleeveless mini with black detailing. Her elegant look is an example of how less is so much more in the summer.

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Sonya Spann keeps it classy in a cropped blazer and slacks ensemble. The drop earrings add that needed pop to the overall look.

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Katrina Graham’s pale pink cropped pants and white blouse

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Sheena Meekins, from ESSENCE Magazine, looks amazing in a high-waisted taupe skirt, stripped tank and cherry red lips. A perfect 10.

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Erica Jennings’ head-to-toe white with a navy accent jacket is a great summer mix.

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Donitra’s no-fuss black and white look is a great way to transition from office to evening.

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Ariel Jordan works a neutral toned sleeveless mini that looks great against her rich complexion.

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Cynthia Peacock’s look is perfect business chic attire.

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ESSENCE Magazine’s Janelle Hitchman wears a berry colored summer dress and a metallic statement necklace.

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Lenise Dazzel worked a very long guest list gracefully. We love how the skinny black belt works with her pink sleeveless dress and taupe platform heels.

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Dreux Dougall’s grape ruffled mini is sweet and feminine.

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Sendy Chency’s berry colored summer dress works well in a meeting or at an after-work event.

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Nakeiva Crawford looks sharp in her red asymmetrical dress with little black bow.

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Brooke Hall is darling in these summer colors. Her tulip pink dress and white blazer are perfect for an evening rendezvous.

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Nikki Banks is on her way to chat with the ladies at the A Belle in Brooklyn event. Her floral dress is the perfect after-work cocktail attire.

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Blogger Latoya Henry’s short summer ’do is the look for the season.

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Patrinia Love’s beautiful turquoise stone bracelet elevates this casual look.

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Sharde Gillian looked casual chic in these dark skinny jeans, beige jacket and peep toe heels.

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Peju Famojure, a fashion editor for W magazine is keeping it classy with her J Brand skinny jeans, Givenchy blouse, Louis Vuitton sandals and Balenciaga purse.

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Shena Henry arrived with the perfect LBD. Her cropped jacket works nicely for a business professional look.

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ESSENCE’s own Christina Hardy looks stunning in this beautiful black draped dress.

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A bodycon LBD allows you to flaunt the figure you’ve worked so hard at maintaining. Love those booties…

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Writer Rachel Star Verdell worked it with her black on black ensemble by paying attention to details — down to the blue toenail polish that is all the rage this season.

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Shani Perez’s earth-toned accessories ground her LBD and make it more summer chic and less business casual.

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Monique Fitepatrick was all smiles when we caught up with her. Her black Kenneth Cole dress looks great.

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Taina Etienne, also an attorney, has a flair for fashion. She runs the blog in her spare time.

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Mikki Collier is an attorney with a fashion obsession. She runs a blog called

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Kai Taylor looks fierce in her beige dress with silver applique shoulders. And those heels…

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Tinika Brown feels great in this tie-dyed Kenneth Cole dress and it shows.

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ESSENCE relationships editor Demetria L. Lucas looks spectacular in this floral print mini and strappy heels.

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Fanny Brown looked radiant in this patterned pastel skirt and silk blouse.