Street Style: After Work

Street Style: After Work
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 16, 2009

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Sometimes the key is wearing an outfit that can go from 9 to 5 and then 6 and beyond.
Lorna Walker, 50 – Social Worker

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While staying warm is always a priority, nothing’s better than staying warm and stylish. Long boots seem to be the rage and a great coat only helps.
Dorothy Farley, 50 – Social Work Administrator

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Solid black always works well for the late night parties. Adding a short leather jacket is one way to give it that personal edge.
Wendy Williams – Talk Show Host

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When the night calls for having fun, it’s all about comfort while maintaining class. Ultimately, it’s all about how you decide to put it together.
Peggie Walker, 61 – Fashion Consultant

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While most ladies feel comfortable in all black, for those after hour events, some choose to brighten the evening with just a hint of color.

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Picking the right black dress is always key. The key is to find the one that expresses your personality best.

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It’s always the details that make you stand out in the crowded room. A beautiful shawl like this one from Narcisco Rodriguez is a great conversation piece.
Michelle Harper – Personal Shopper

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Every woman should own a lace evening dress. This exudes class and taste and is one of those pieces that doesn’t need bells and whistles to accompany it. Simple is chic.
Karen McMullen – Film Editor

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Nights are made for glitter. A pair of slim black jeans come alive with the right top and heels. When everyone else is doing the black dress, feel daring and do what works for you.
Latoya Scott-Brown – 28

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If you choose to where jeans to a dressy event, you must make sure your heel game is flawless. This is where the true fashionista excels.

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Color always works when you pick the right one. It’s all about finding the colors that work well on you and compliment your skin one. Combining colors that pop always grabs attention.
Lorna Solano