Street Style - African Inspired/ Detail Oriented

Street Style: African-Inspired & Detail-Oriented
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 03, 2009

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Comfortable dress, big hair and the earrings scream “I’m doing me” while the Dooney and Bourke bag whispers, “I know quality.”

Yendys Nefer-Atum, 44
Natural Hair Stylist, Designer

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For those who choose to adorn their fingers with several rings, it’s all about picking the right pieces that they connect with.

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Bold patterns and prints reveal a confident and joyful character. A playful hat and architectural jewelry adds wisdom and experience.

Dianne Fortune, 53
-Pediatric Nurse

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Be it bold earrings or a feather in your hat, it is the details that complete a look.

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Bracelets, big rings and well-maintained manicured nails complete one’s look. Proof that a hectic life does not mean sacrificing one’s attention to detail.

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Combining both old and new worlds, the patterns and bag are African-inspired while the jacket, skirt and tights are straight New York City.

-Joanna Lewis

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Now, everyone can’t pull this one off. This bag, to some, will seem a little odd but for those who are influenced and/or inspired by African style, it’s all about not being ‘square’.

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Her long shawl flows with her blouse and skirt, all a crisp white. Add to that some choice accessories, and she achieves an almost regal look.

Deborah Johnson, 65

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The leather jacket was cut by the owner, and she chooses to wear it with the sleeves pulled back. While many people leave the house matching from head-to-toe, Nubian prefers to mix bold colors, while grounding it in earth tones.

Nubian Joseph, 47
Jewelry Designer

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Fedora tilted, custom earrings (her own line), chunky bracelets and ring all come together with grace and ease. Match your attitude, be yourself.