Street Style Accessories: Indigenous Details

Patterns, prints and beads galore –– check out the eclectic pieces these ladies are adorned in this season.

Charlene Cooper May, 15, 2013

1 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Whether you're a head band kind of girl or bold prints are more of your style, bright patterned accessories really add a unique flare to any look.

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Shine bright this season with a touch of gold. It's sure to add a gorgeous glimmer to any outfit.

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Multi-colored beads are a great way to welcome the warm weather.

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Statement piece accessories are perfect for pairing with casual toned-down outfits.

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Polychromatic cuffs create a nice va va voom effect and look amazing when worn with a solid colored dress.

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Distressed accessories are extremely versatile and they stand out with both simple and dressy  getups. 

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Bundle identical bracelets on top of one another for an eye catching, funky effect. 

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Wooden bracelets are a great way to incorporate an indigenous touch to your laid back style.

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Patterns and solids and golds, oh my! Stack a variety of thick bracelets on your arm to add a dash of personality to a simpler look. 

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Make a look your own by adding accessories with delicate detail into the mix. 

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Multi-bead jewelry brings together a little bit of everything you love.

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There's no such thing as too much color when it comes to spring accessories, so don't think twice about bringing in the brights.