Straight From The Runway: What The Cool Kids Will Be Wearing This Fall

See what pieces the cool kids will be wearing straight from the runway!

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Tom Boy style on steroids fused with bold lines - a definite nod of approval from the fashion industry.  

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This monokini jumpsuit had jaws dropping and credit cards waiting to be swiped.  

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This crimson button-up frock includes an excess of button's that make for both a striking yet feminine twist to this masculine staple piece.

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Can Riccardo Tisci do any wrong?! The mixture of a paneled sheer gown plus leather skinnies underneath is utter perfection.

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The gladiator sandal just got a major upgrade of detailead embroidery and wild feahters.

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Let's take cool whites palettes into fall this year and merge them with sheer zig-zags.

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This isn't your average black and white fit.  Take notes ladies!


This crop-top just got a fall makeover that we are obsessing heavily over. 

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Follow the dotted line just got a an entirely new yet stylish meaning. 

10 of 17 Photo by George Chinsee

All stripes and no stars? No problem!

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Suits and cut-out's will be at the top of our list for sure!

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This floating goth goddess attire was the epitome of rebel chic. 

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This stylish dress consists of a seamless fuse between tears of floral and textured stripes – we can’t wait to get our hands on this one.  

14 of 17 Photo by George Chinsee

This beaded pearl textured dress gives this girly vintgage vibe an upgrade. 

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Just when we thought it was impossible, Brother Vellies continues to elevate the gladiator sandal. 

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This one-of-a-kind frock debuted at Katya Leonovich’s ‘Bisected Beauty' presentation. The designer brought to life the dynamic combination of artwork translated beautifully into a capsule couture fashion collection. 


This maxi masterpiece got the ultimate makeover of sheer and printed goodness.