Steve Harvey's Mentoring Weekend

Steve Harvey Mentoring
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 21, 2010

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Steve takes the young males fishing. Jose Garcia, a 16-year old junior counselor says, “I told the other boys it is an honor to be at Steve Harvey’s ranch and that we should all be smiling.”

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Steve Harvey addresses the crowd at the weekend event. Garcia says, “He taught me how to respect and honor my mother.”

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Garcia adds, “Mr. Steve Harvey told me that it is good to forgive. He taught me how to respect and honor my mother. I am still working on that. I am not a man yet, but I learned about the way a man should be from Mr. Harvey.”

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The young men participate in a fitness routine.

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Steve Harvey talks to one of the boys while he receives a haircut at a Soft Sheen Carson sponsored barbershop.

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Kansas Chief football star Shaun Smith spends some quality time with the boys.

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Sports writer Stephen A. Smith speaks to the room full of young men.

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The boys circle around Steve while he spends more time with them.

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Tuskegee Airman Calvin Spann shares the camera with a participant of the program.

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Alex O. Ellis, Tied to Greatness Founder, teaches a boy how to tie a tie. “I learned so much at this program. If I could share anything with other boys it would be don’t give up,” says Garcia.


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