Steam Kings Of 2015: Hottest Brothers On Film and TV

We've rounded up the hottest stars of the year. Ladies, can you handle it?

Charli Penn Dec, 11, 2015

1 of 12 (l-r): Fox, Starz, ABC

We round up the hottest movie and TV stars of the year. Ladies, can you handle it?

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Even when Ghost is wrong, it feels so right, all thanks to Omari Hardwick who plays the drug dealer turned businessman with swag for days.

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Leading man Michael B. Jordan's chiseled boxer babe in Creed really won us over. Now that's what we call a love T.K.O.

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It's a shame you have to be dead for Dr. Rosewood to look you over, because he plays one fine pathologist on FOX's hit show.

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Even though Ealy played a deranged boyfriend in The Perfect Guy, he was still, well, perfect. Would you agree? Bravo Mr. Ealy!

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For How To Get Away With Murder fans, Annalise's gorgeous lover Nate Lahey, played by actor Billy Brown needs no introduction. His screen time is red hot and always premium viewing!

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Former pro baller Thomas Q. Jones's Being Mary Jane appearances as "Cuddy Buddy" were absolutely unforgettable. From his steamy, late-night romps with MJ to their intimate conversations by her pool, we couldn't take our eyes off Jones.

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Idris Elba makes a special return to his starring role on BBC's Luther this week, but thanks to every role we've seen him play this year, there was no way we were leaving him off this list. Is there a screen he hasn't added some serious steam to? Yeah, we thought not.

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The oldest of the Lyon brothers, Andre handles business like a boss and we love tuning in to see him balance humility, hard work and hotness.

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Middle Lyon brother Jamal's smooth falsetto and humble ways keep our hearts racing.

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Paging Dr. Dreamy! Jesse Williams keeps things hot on Grey's Anatamoy as Jackson Avery.

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The resifent PYT on Empire keeps us guessing and tuning in again and again. Thank you, Bryshere!