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ESSENCE.COM Sep, 14, 2008

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“If a man approaches me and is a fan of mine and feels the need to quote one of my sexual jokes, that turns me off because his interest in me is based on a false pretense. That’s so played out and makes him a male groupie. Any man who’s interested in me needs to be able to separate me from the woman who happens to do comedy.”

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A Morris Brown graduate, Sommore is a perfect example of never judging a book by its cover.

“People have a problem with me swearing and they think I walk around cursing all day, but they would be surprised to know that I don’t curse when I’m not working and I’m very intelligent. I’m a very normal person and a lot different from the person you see on stage. I curse because I want to. It’s just like putting hot sauce on chicken, it makes the meat taste better for some folks and others, not so much.”

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The 1995 recipient of the Richard Pryor Award for Comic of the Year.

“I prefer younger men because youthfulness is the key to life. Women say they want an older man because they can teach them things, but I’m like you can learn anything nowadays on the Internet. YouTube has how-to videos.”

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Sommore’s “The Queen Stands Alone” debuts on Comedy Central, September 13.

“I produced, directed and wrote it,” says Sommore. “It wasn’t easy because I am presenting 15 years worth of material.”


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