Solange's Instagram is Giving us all the Spring Fashion Feels

Solange is #stylegoals and her instagram page never fails to come through with major inspiration. Now that she's debuted her online store, we're soaking up the style inspo and charging up our inner slay-goddess so we can take the spring on in style.

Dominique Hobdy Mar, 30, 2016

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Solange says this is a #flashbackfriday style moment so we'll take her word for it, but it's so on trend we're recreating the look this spring!

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Clearly, Solange has mastered the art of using your surroundings for the perfect shot. Come through floral couch and yes to this drapey pink tunic, satin green pants and pink mules!

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This close up seals the deal. Hopefully we can pull off this glitter eyeshadow situation as effortlessly as solo.

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Moral of this story? Don't be scared of color. We're loving this fresh spring look.

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We're going to have to say yes to this dress. And the matching scarf. And those drop earrings.

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What else is there to be said but we're obsessed with this look?

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It's all about the details darling!

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When stepping out, consider going all out in pink and breaking the look up with white footwear.

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When you're literally lit, it's the magic hour and you're so fly you can't even take it.

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We've got to hand it to you Solange, even the accessories game is on point.

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Solange, her flowing fuchsia dress and this woven bucket bag are not here to play games with you.

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Yasss! A little floor-sweeping drama never hurt anyone and these black mules are a must-have this season.

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This dress is so fierce it's almost hypnotizing! Also note that this jewel-tone hue is a great look for spring.

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When all else fails (even though it probably wont) go for a chic pink suit and call it a day.

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Solange's work is done here. Now go forth in style and slay this spring!