Solange Knowles' Natural Hair Tips

Solange Knowles' Natural Hair Tips

ESSENCE.COM May, 05, 2014

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“I have a ritual at the salon where I have oils put in my hair and I sit under the dryer for an hour and a half,” says Knowles.

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"[Before going natural], I was working out, swimming and going on vacations with my son, and I always felt as if my hair held me back. Cutting it off was a pivotal moment. I enjoy not having to worry about it," says Knowles.

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“I put shea butter in my hair every day. I also use Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. It’s like an oil, but it’s not,” says Knowles.

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“Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie is definitely my fave,” says Knowles. “I was a Carol’s Daughter advocate way before I became a part of the brand. The newer products are great, but I swear by Black Vanilla.”