Solange and Her Besties Are the True Definition of #SquadGoals

Solange and her crew of friends are simply too cool for school—or anything, really!

Imani Brammer Oct, 23, 2015

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If you and your friends can't take a proper selfie, then you aren't really friends.

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If you can't dance with your friend, then you aren't really friends. According to Melina's Instagram caption, "Frick with no Frack is like Apple with no cinnamon. @saintrecords."

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Melina captioned this image: "Fave sisters. Fave fools. #latergram" 

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Laughter is obviously the glue that keeps this friendship together! 

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Melina captioned this image: "What you talkin bout Willis?" 

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Solo captioned this photo: "Orange-ya gonna be a big ass kid forever?"

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Ain't nobody messin' with their clique. 

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Post up: flawless. 

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The singer and her crew are always having a good time! 

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These ladies are funky and fabulous!

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Aww, these ladies are just the cutest. Looks as if Turni made a quick NOLA stop, as she captioned the image,"One night in #neworleans w/ this beauty @saintrecords @saintheron. Lots of fried bread, lots of fun."

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Although these are three grown ladies in a pool, the "awww" is still cued. Melina captioned this image:"#tbt that moment when u remember why nothing beats a NY summer."

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Lounging at Miami's Art Basel is a chic affair. Turini captioned this image:"Brown babes at Basel cc: @saintrecords @menamorado #iminmiamibitch."

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This must have been a night filled with absolute fun and best friend love. Melina caption reads, "Powdery beignets golden mirrors feathery masks cycled streets deadly daiquiris and beaded parades. Dear NOLA I think I'm falling in love..."

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"Girls moment. @baddiebey @msmelina," Solange wrote on her Instagram.

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Solange and Shiona are two ladies, too fly.

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Nothing beats good friends and family. Hey, Mama Knowles! Hey, Baddie Bey!

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This photo is serving all kinds of desert glammed-up realness. Slay, girls! 

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Of course, Solange brought in the 2015 new year in the coolest way ever: She and her friends went out West for the ultimate California glamping extravaganza. They called it #TurnUpTeePee.

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Laughter is the best part of friendship. These bright smiles complement their outfits perfectly! Shiona's caption: "New motto: Stay naked with a smile @saintrecords #turnupteepee #desertdressing #bikinisandfurs || missing @msmelina"

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Who do you know that could post up in the desert and look as simultaneously unbothered and swanky as these girls? Melina captioned this image: "#tbt to the best start of a new year. Desert snow."

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Turini's caption: "Sips tea #turnupteepee #newyears2014." Do you fabulously sip tea in the desert with your friends?