Sister Sister: Identical Twins Make A Surprising Fashion Show Debut

Can you believe that we ran into gorgeous identical twin designers in the crowd at Essence Fest ten minutes before our fashion show? We can't either!   

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With 15 minutes until our ESSENCE Fest Street Style Fashion Show and not a model in sight, one of our editors stumbled upon identical twins who just so happen to be models and designers. Take a peek at Chantelle and Danielle's stellar designs that saved the day.

Also, check out more of their designs and shop the looks at

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How amazing is this 4th of July themed design?

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These designers looked effortlessly chic in hues of green and orange. 

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What a beautiful display of prints and textures! 

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These bright t-shirts are super fun and radiant.  

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Printed designs never looked so good!  The perfect A-line skirts if we must say so ourselves. 


# Fashion


# Fashion