Single Ladies' Guide To V- Day

Single Ladies' Guide To V Day
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 10, 2009

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Send yourself flowers at home or have them delivered to yourself while you’re at work. When your co-workers ask whom you received the beautiful bouquet from, simply smile and reply, “someone special.”

Tip: Make this a habit. Consider stopping by your neighborhood florist once a month or make it a point to pick up a small bouquet the next time you’re at the grocery store. Flowers often have a positive effect on our moods and can surely brighten up our day when we’re suffering from the winter blues.

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Can’t afford a professional spa treatment? Why not have a DIY beauty session in your own digs? Give yourself an at-home mani/pedi. Or you can head to the fridge, grab the avocado, honey, orange juice and molasses to make a homemade natural facemask.

Bonus: Light a few invigorating herbal Chayil Candles for the perfect finishing touch to your spa experience.

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Watch your favorite basketball stars run up and down the court during the NBA All-Star game Saturday night. Let your fantasies of Allen Iverson run wild! Or pop in that Mo’ Better Blues DVD and get cozy with Denzel on the small screen.

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You’ve heard your best gal pal say a few times that she plans to wear an all black ensemble to commemorate the dreaded holiday. Send your out-of-state friends a cutesy card or give your best in-town buds a gift bag filled with the cutest of goodies. It will put a smile on their face and yours. Who said V-Day was all about romance?

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Revive the lost art of letter writing and pen a love note to yourself as a keepsake. Every now and then, take out your letter to remind yourself just how great you are.

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You’ve been dying to go a spa and here’s a great excuse to do so. Give your body the relaxation it deserves with a hot stone massage or sugar body scrub. Go solo, treat your hard-working mom or invite an on-the-go friend. Leave the spa looking fresh and feeling renewed.

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Put on your sexiest lingerie, pull that strawberry shortcake out of the fridge and enjoy the delectable delight uninterrupted. Or, indulge a box of edible delights like Champagne Chocolates from We can toast to that!

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Splurge on that new sex toy you’ve had your eye on and enjoy a steamy night alone. But before you do, take our quiz on the truth about orgasms and learn something new about the mighty O!

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Curl up with a steamy novel like Mary Morrison’s Single Husbands (Grand Central Publishing, $19.99). Morrison is known for spinning erotica so intense, the pages stick together! Let her words jump out of the book and into your world for next time’s late night rendezvous.

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Do you love seafood? Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Eat like the queen you are and treat yourself to a fabulous home cooked meal of your choice. Break out the good china too; this is a celebratory meal!

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Grab your other single girlfriends and head to your town’s best comedy club. Laughter really is medicine for the soul. Hit the Web to find the best comedy venues in your area.

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Plan a mother/daughter night with your single mom or tell your parents you’ll take care of their V-Day plans this year. Nothing says love like family.

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With the state of our country’s current economy, retail therapy is not an option for most of us. But, you can still get your fashion fix by hosting a swap party. Tell your friends to do some early spring-cleaning and bring over those items they may think others would appreciate. Another woman’s trash might be another lady’s treasure, right? Make your fiesta complete with a bottle of wine and a Best of Stevie Wonder CD.

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Start planning for next year’s Valentine’s Day. If V-Day has you feeling down in the dumps, these annual all-girl plans will train your mind to associate the holiday with only the warmest of thoughts. Whether it’s dinner and a play, a cabin in the mountains or a pole dancing class, make your V-Day something to remember with the ones who never let you down, whether you have a beau on February 14, 2010 or not.

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