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When my hair was in its transitioning phase (before I knew what I was doing with it,) someone mean and small-minded told me that my hair made me look like “a broke Tina Turner.” I didn’t let that hurt my feelings for a second, because Tina Turner is nothing if not FIERCE. I’d be happy to be compared to her any day of the week. Tina Turner has been a guiding light in music and style for over half a century, and she STILL looks amazing. She has never been afraid of big hair, or out-there style. That’s made her an icon to me and to many. Here are some of my favorite phases of Tina Turner, in terms of her hair evolution.

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Tina Turner made her musical debut in 1960 as part of the Ike and Tina Turner Review, before that she sang under the sobriquet “Little Ann.” But there was nothing little about that talent, that voice, and that hair. On the original album cover she had a straightened short cut similar to Ike’s , but in this 1960 live performance, her hair is shoulder length, full, glossy and gorgeous. Check it out here

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Phil Spector himself said he considered River Deep, Mountain High to be one of his greatest compositions, and Tina’s vocals are so powerful on this track. In this original 1966 promo clip, her hair is dark and long, and she swings it like the rock star she was born to be. Watch it here

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Proud Mary is arguable Tina Turner’s most famous recording, but not everyone knows it’s a cover song – originally written and recorded by John Fogerty for Creedence Clearwater Revival. Tina’s cover version (and accompanying dance, in that fringed dress) eclipsed the memory of the original for many. That’s the hallmark of a superlative cover song. In this era of her career. Tina’s hair was a gorgeous auburn and center parted in this phase, and the hair was a part of the show! Tina dipped it and flipped it every time she sang “rollin’ on the river.”

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Tina Turner went through rough times and emerged strong and independent. In the Eighties, she rebranded herself as a solo act and reclaimed her place at the top of the charts with songs like Private Dancer, What’s Love Got To Do With It, and The Best. In this era, Tina’s hair became truly iconic – a statement of texture and volume, meant to be worn wild. Statement hair. I’m here for it now and forever!

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