Show Us Your Prom Dress!

Show Us Your Prom Dress!
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 06, 2012

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I really enjoyed my mother helping me pull everything together. She never went to her prom, so I felt like I was attending for the both of us. Just being around my friends and family.

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My favorite prom moment was being on the dance floor with my graduating class. We really took advantage of the moment and made it a moment to remember. It was beautiful seeing everyone finally enjoying him or herself after all the stressful prom planning and verbal arguments that we all went through. We knew that most of us would be going our separate ways to different colleges and life paths, so we celebrated our last night partying together as a family. It was amazing! I never felt so free, confident, blessed and happy. I just danced the night away until the next morning.

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Prom was an amazing night. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t involve dates. My best friends and I all went to prom together riding in my sister’s black Monte Carlo (yes, we thought that was so cool) and had the time of our lives. We danced with each other all night and all the guys who were too-cool-for-prom took thousands of pictures. Afterwards, we drove to South Beach and just laughed and created our own little after-party on the sand. We all came back to my house to finally sleep at 5am and woke up the next day ready to reminisce about the night before. It was the type of night that can only be done once.

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Getting ready for prom was my favorite part. I had fell in love with my dress from the time I put it on. On my way to the hair shop, I knew exactly how I wanted to pull off my look. After about 90 minutes at the hair shop, I left grinning from ear to ear. I loved the way my hair looked and could not wait to put together the entire look. Once I put on the dress, I felt like a princess. After my cousin did my make-up I felt like more than a princess. I was a superstar that night no matter what anybody thought.

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I enjoyed the entire night. We will soon part ways so I embraced every goofy, crazy or fun moment with my friends.

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My favorite prom moment was getting prepared for the prom. I didn’t realize how beautifully my sparkling dress would coordinate with my red hair and the shoes. It made the night magical!

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My favorite part of prom was dressing up. I felt like a princess. I loved preparing for the prom, getting makeup, hair, nails and my amazing Vera Wang dress! My favorite part of the night is when my boyfriend, Machel, and I danced to our song and taking pictures with all my friends.

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My favorite prom moment was the time I put my dress on! I felt just like a princess — a princess bride! I wanted to be different for my senior prom, so my parents let me pick out a bride-like dress. It was wonderful! But all of my friends looked just as good! Class of 2012 Kathleen High School!

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I loved my prom dress. I saw many possible dresses that I liked and even tried on, but when I was saw this one I just knew it was the one. Everyone loved the way I put it all together. Seeing their reaction to my dress was my favorite moment.

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My favorite prom moment was when my boyfriend of four years and I walked in and everybody just stopped to look at us like we were celebrities. My most favorite prom moment was when we were announced prom king and queen. It was a perfect night: my dress, hair and makeup turned out perfect and I was crowned.

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My favorite prom moment was walking down the red carpet and seeing the faces of my classmates. I loved my dress because of the color. I knew none of my classmates would pick this color to wear to prom.

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My favorite prom moment was on the Riverboat Natchez cruise boat in New Orleans. Everyone has spent so much time getting their hair done and no one stopped to think we will be on water and if you’ve ever visited New Orleans, you know how humid it can get. All in all, it ended up being a great night and everyone from my school will remember it for the rest of their life.

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Dancing with Patrick, my boyfriend.


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